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who is the most cute by SpideyHog

Oooo. This is a competition. It neither Classic or Modern. American... Yeah keep that away. However, I think classic sonic look the cut...

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Look It's... Not Britain. by nanabusia63
Look It's... Not Britain.
It Just a normal regular England. Britain dislike the England self because it make him feel quite naked... He was never going to be like that at all. However, England is happy and kind before he was rude and selfish. Now that the Britain i want to know and want to see.
Unlike Norway I don't Chuckles... by nanabusia63
Unlike Norway I don't Chuckles...
"I rather flex me Ball Body."

It just a Picture about the time when Norway and Denmark were about to have a friendly Duo photo but however, Denmark (being a jerk!) block Norway view and the camera snap and it only show full of Denmark but not full of Norway while that is a pretty sad thing.
CountryBall Legendary Demo Release: Download Today by nanabusia63
CountryBall Legendary Demo Release: Download Today
After some 2 days of working of this game, I finally done the demo.
The demo is short so please don't blame on me about the game short. 
Here the download of the demo:…
The full game release will be available and ready very soon. I will be working hard of the game. Well, enjoy the game.
REMEMBER! You need to download RPG Maker VX ace and RPGVXace RTP before playing the game! Download it here:…


Hairstyles on NPC and Ball shaped Flag are originally from Club Penguin

Goblin Ball face was originally from Yeti from Dumb Ways to die 2

Music from Kevin Macleod, Kirby Adventure Wii (Unused Fanfare) and Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics Game (Guest Defeated Fanfare) and Sonic Adventure (Unused Station Square Fanfare)

Made with RPG Maker VX ace
CountryBall Legendary Teaser by nanabusia63
CountryBall Legendary Teaser
CountryBall Legendary is a CountryBall RPG game that is only releasing in PC. The Game is all about leveling up your character and meet up other countryballs. You can had only 4 Balls on Party but you can find more CountryBall on other Places. You had to destroy the dragon to Complete the game. The Demo is right now in Develop. I hope you excited for this game to be release.  
Countryball: The end of Rio 2016 olympics by nanabusia63
Countryball: The end of Rio 2016 olympics
Well, Rio had their fun. It was last ended on 21st August. Brazil was having great time on that Olympics but it came to the end. Tokyo is next to had their Olympics "So that why Brazil gave Japan the Olympic Flag." I hope Japan is ready to set up his Olympics because his Olympics is on 2020 (4 years left) he gonna enjoy himself.


nanabusia63's Profile Picture
Yellow The Plumber (Nathan Busia
United Kingdom
Hello Is A Me! Yellow. I had been making countryball, stickman comics 2 and many many more! If you guys are interesting, you can add me as a friend. Also, i had my own game so that pretty cool.

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Victorbrine Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016
Your way of representing countryballs gave me thyroid, pneumonic and coronary cancer.
nanabusia63 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016
So that means....
Victorbrine Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016
It means:

1- countryballs are usually handdrawn
2- countryballs have white eyes not black ones
3- they are not shiny
4- countries that are not circles are: 
-Israel (cube but more like a rectangle)
-Singapore (triangle)
-Kazakhstan (rectangle)
-Nepal (the form of nepal's flag)
5- ALWAYS, I MEAN ALWAYS, out a tophat and a monocle on Great Britain
6- countryballs have no mouths
7- Poland must be inverted (you eventually did it one time but normally poland is always like that) and dreams about going to space (poland can into space!)
8- the english they speak is not perfect and is mixed with some word's of the country's language (except usa and gb and other countries who have english as their first language)

This is the main structure that makes countryballs. Seeing your "countryballs and polandball crossover mayhem" makes me wonder that you might make your own style of countryballs, but the original style is the true one.

However I am not telling you to apply all the things above. You can pretty much continue the way you want and you like.
nanabusia63 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016
There some few reason i made my own one.

1. I wanted to make a different comic script than my The Stickman Comics.
2. I want to make something different than countryballs.
3. The reason why i carry on making it because my CountryBall had been popular. See my first comic that i released.
4. My version of Countryball had cool features that made people feel like they want to know what happen next.
5. Some people like it but most remind them of Hetalia.
6. I wanted all countries to be circle shaped. Making them different shaped won't make it look casual to me.
7. I ask people about this a lot of time and that make me get pretty annoyed.
8. I use my imagination to make this.
9. I had work so hard to get as much as i do to be the best.
10. My other account had been banned due to copyright. So i deiced to make my own stuff instead.
and lastly, 11. doing this make people think of how i created those art of CountryBall (my version.)

well, that asked your question. My Countryball had been working so hard and also, some people found my countryball cute. So i work harder than i got to make the best creation i ever made. So this answer your question. Thanks you for listening. Nanabusia63 out.
landobaldur Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016  Professional General Artist
◖(◣☩◢)◗ *beep* *boop* ##.scanning environment.## *flies away*
DatCrazyCatCritic Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome to :iconour-hetalia-family: :)
nanabusia63 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016
Ah ty :)
BlackOliveRootBeer Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I feel like that your CountryBall is ripping off Hetalia.
nanabusia63 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016
OK. To be honest, there is some different between My CountryBall and Hetalia. In my CountryBall, the characters had different behaviour and different real names and different friendship. Also, some characters/countries that didn't make it to Hetalia like Chile, Brazil, Mexico and many more are available in CountryBall. Secondly,  The CountryBall characters have different behaviour like for example, Estonia is true friend with Lithuania in CountryBall instead of Estonia being true friend with Finland in Hetalia. Also, CountryBall use to have crossovers even thou the Original Hetalia Anime does not. Thirdly, CountryBall and Hetalia had different Friendship. Instead of Denmark being friend with Sweden in Hetalia, Denmark is truly friend with Finland in CountryBall even tho Finland like Haiti more than Denmark or Sweden. Italy from CountryBall is the same than Italy in Hetalia but when i voice act him, His voice will be different in CountryBall. Last of not least, Different real names for CountryBall. You know some of the Hetalia's character real name? In CountryBall, they don't have the same real name than Hetalia. For example, Italy in CountryBall real name is Venny Ball, America Real name is Billy William and  Britain real name is Roger Riggy. So that all. if you have question. just answer me and i can do something for you. Thanks for reading.
nanabusia63 Featured By Owner May 14, 2016

CountryBall PolandBall Crossover Mayhem Logo is here for using :D
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